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2024    "Send It" All Star Press, Chicago, IL

2024    "Cut, Copy, Paste" All Star Press, Chicago, IL

2024    "Women's Work" Seven Corner Gallery, Chicago, IL

2024    "Nostalgia-ish" Chicago Truborn Gallery, Chicago, IL

2023    "DIBS Show" Seven Corner Gallery, Chicago, IL

2023    "12 x 12 Show" Elephant Room Gallery, Chicago, IL

2023    "You Are Beautiful" All Star Press, Chicago, IL

2023    "Dark Arts Show" Seven Corner Gallery, Chicago, IL

2023    "Buny Group Show" Custom Painted Toy - UVD Toys, Dayton, Ohio 

2023    "Wag Your Tail" Vertical Gallery, Chicago, IL

2023    "All Decked Out" All Star Press, Chicago, IL

2023    "Playin It Old School" Your Happy Place, Chicago, IL

2023    "Sentrock Selects" Sentrock Studio, Chicago, IL

2023    "Eyez Collaborate Show" Happen Space, Chicago, IL

2023    "Infinite Power" Studio Nez, Oak Park, IL

2023    "Desarrollo" Studio Nez, Oak Park, IL

Studio Nez Chicago Artist

2023    "Women's Work" Seven Corner Gallery, Chicago, IL

2022    "All Decked Out" Chicago Distilling, Chicago, IL

2022    "12 x 12 Show" Elephant Room Gallery, Chicago, IL

2022    "Dark Mode" Studio Nez, Oak Park, IL

2022    "A Dope Art Show" Ludlow Liquors, Chicago, IL

2022    Studio Nez Grand Opening Solo Show, Oak Park, IL

Murals & Commissions 

2023    Windy City Bulls Season 6 Artist Hat Collaboration

2023    Max Arciniega Personal Painting Commission

2023    Tom Higgenson Personal Mural Commission

2023    Cafe Tola Logan Square - Mural

2023    The Simple Good Coloring Book (Page Feature), Chicago, IL

In Collaboration With the Chicago Bulls + All Star Press Gallery

2023    Makowski's Real Sausage - Painting Commission

2023    Cafe Tola New York - Mural 

2023    Cafe Tola Southport - Mural 

2023    Dogaholics Dog Boarding - Mural 

2023    The Mural Movement Pilsen Mural 

Studio Nez Chicago Mural Artist

2023    Soho House Chicago -Corner Murals

2023    The Shops At North Bridge Murals (5 Walls) Food Court Redesign

2023    Elmhurst Art Museum Murals (Superhero's In the Park)

2022    Lakeview/Roscoe Village Window Murals 

2022    Oak Park Green Line Mini Mural

2022    Coloring Book Pages - Sentrock Elmhurst Art Museum Show

2022    Project Logan Against The Fence Mural

2022    Flyer August Edition (Front Cover Design)

2022    Lincoln Park After Dark - Digital Murals -Visual Feeder 

2022   Sunnyside Plants Illustration Work 

2021    Heritage Middle School Fence Mural

2021    Enamel Pin Product Release - National Museum of Mexican Art

Press & Mentions


Past & Current Clients:

Backlot Coffee, The Windy City Bulls, All-Star Press Gallery, Vertical Gallery, Seven Corners Gallery, Elephant Room Gallery, Sentrock Studio, Cafe Tola, Cafe Jumping Bean, UVD Toys, The Simple Good, Makowski's Real Sausage, The Shop's At North Bridge at Magnificent Mile, Soho House Chicago, Elmhurst Art Museum, National Museum of Mexican Art, Dogaholic's Dog Boarding, The Mural Movement, Lakeview/Roscoe Village Chamber of Commerce, Oak Park Area Arts Council, Berwyn Public Art Initiative, Flyer, Visual Feeder, Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce, Sunnyside Plants, Heritage Middle School, Youth Crossroads, Berwyn Public Library and more!

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