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Studio Nez artist

about the artist.

Meet Vanessa Garza, the vibrant force behind the artist name “Nez”, hailing from the lively city of Chicago. Under the brand identity “Studio Nez”, her artwork is best identified by her adorable cereal box characters that steal the spotlight in many of her recent works.​ This character has gone on to become her signature icon that dedicates itself to celebrating everyone’s inner child artist, full of bright colors and a heartwarming message to encourage the imagination within us all.


Nez’s artwork isn’t just confined to traditional canvases and digital artworks - it has spilled onto the streets and has left a lasting mark on the urban landscape, adorning murals across Chicago and its diverse neighborhoods such as Lakeview, West Loop, Magnificent Mile, Oak Park, Pilsen, Berwyn, and more. Beyond the cityscape, she has lent her creative touch to various local businesses, solidifying her presence in the artistic fabric of the city. Notable projects include works for Cafe Tola, Soho House Chicago, The Shops At North Bridge, and the Elmhurst Art Museum, each capturing the spirit of playfulness and imagination that defines Nez's artistic vision.


Stay in the loop with the latest from Studio Nez by checking out the details below, including our website, social media, and contact information for business inquiries.



Instagram: @studio__nez


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